Totem 3 Pendant in Hospitality Design Magazine

Stunning in black and gold, the Totem 3 Pendant mimics runway trends, which Hospitality Design Magazine says may hint at product selections from designers.

In the December 2017 issue of Hospitality Design Magazine, Boyd's soon-to-launch Totem 3 Pendant is featured in a section called Products + Fashion. Positioned between a Balenciaga runway model and Walker Zanger geometric tile, the chic-meets-sophisticated black and gold theme is certainly a killer, timeless look.


About the Totem 3 Pendant

It’s no secret that material and color trends bleed over from the runway to product design, often dictating what designers spec for projects.
— Hospitality Design Magazine, December 2017, pg. 91

Timeless indeed is the mid century style of the LED Totem Series, which has three sconces and five pendants. Totems and totem poles are storytelling tools spiritual in nature that describe the characteristics and history of a person or tribe. While reflecting on our American history, Boyd's head in-house designer, Doyle Crosby was inspired by the era of travel, leisure and innovation, and the ideas of revival, growth and wisdom.

With a spirit of its own, the Totem Series was beautifully designed and detailed. Using rich metal and improvements in lighting technology, Crosby re-imagines designs from the 1950's and hearkens back to early American modernism. Featuring stacked and adjustable oval and trapezoid shapes, the nostalgic LED pendants and sconces comes in a variety of finish combinations and cast form compositions.

Boyd Lighting_Totem 3 Pendant

Totem 3 Pendant

Trapezoid fixture
shown in Coal with
22k Yellow Gold Leaf inside cast form

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