Representing Bay Area Design in SPACES Magazine

Boyd Lighting_Totem 3 Pendant

the Totem 3 Pendant is featured in SPACES Magazine's Gallery feature

Summer/Fall 2018 Issue

Lisa Boquiren, gallery editor of Bay Area-based SPACES magazine, has chosen Boyd's Totem 3 Pendant for inclusion in their summer/fall Gallery feature. The timeless yet innovative LED pendant is a perfect fit for the magazine's "homespun design" focus. Not only is Boyd headquartered near the home of SPACES (can't get more homespun than that!), the Totem's nostalgic design meets what Editor-in-Chief Zahid Sardar believes always rings true: "Whether it is the artists's atelier, a palatial modern setting, or a warehouse full of fine bath and kitchen fixtures, any environment that elevates the senses has the stamp of timeless authenticity." 

With its re-imagined design from the 1950's, the pendant hearkens back to early American modernism and will no doubt bring forth memories of the era of travel, leisure and innovation, and the ideas of revival, growth and wisdom. 

PressJen Helfrich