New Designs Made Possible by LED Technology

Enabling New Designs

The Hoopla Pendant’s slim design is made possible thanks to new LED technology

The September 2018 issue of Metropolis magazine features a collection of lighting designs made possible by new LED technology, and Boyd’s Hoopla Pendant is among one of the featured products. “A fresh crop of residential lighting,” writes author Katie Okamoto, “proves that LEDs are not only the new standard for light quality and energy efficiency but also enable designs that a few years ago would not have been possible.”


LED fixtures set the standard for light quality because the white light produced is superior for illumination in terms of color rendering, or the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects accurately. Additionally, LEDs are significantly more energy efficient than incandescent lamps and over time have a lower cost per lamp. These two aspects make LED fixtures increasingly desirable, especially in commercial settings where changing lamps is a burden on resources and energy efficiency requirements are becoming tighter.


An LED is a small emitter chip of semiconducting material whose diameter ranges from 2mm to 8mm. In the case of the round Hoopla Pendant, multiple emitters were daisy chained together on 10mm wide tape to provide unbroken illumination. This minuscule size allowed the light source to fit into an area smaller than ever before, a 5/8” wide aluminum channel. The result is a fixture with a thin profile, perfect optics, and unbroken illumination. Additionally, the LED technology uses a programmable driver to control specific light output for the environment.




  • 2010: Best of NeoCon - Silver: Halfpipe Sconce

  • 2011: Good Design Award - Chicago Athenaeum: Halfpipe Sconce

  • 2012: Good Design Award - Chicago Athenaeum: Ice Block and Ice Oval Sconces

  • 2017: Architectural Record Magazine Best Architectural Lighting Product: Hoopla Pendant

  • 2017: Interior Design Magazine Best of Year - Architectural Lighting: T-Light Pendant

In the past few years, several of Boyd’s LED fixtures have received press and awards. Here Boyd CEO Jay Sweet talks about two recent awards and how LEDs are changing the business of design.

Jay Sweet: We are proud that the T-Light Pendant and Hoopla Pendant have received recognition from two design and architecture magazines. For Interior Design's 2017 Best of Year awards, the T-Light Pendant was named Honoree for Architectural Lighting. And the Hoopla Pendant was named a Record Product winner in 2017 by Architectural Record magazine. (Read more about both awards here.) 

It's great to have Boyd fixtures selected by both of these publications because each recognizes something different. Architectural Record specifically highlights lighting fixtures which are innovative, unique and experimental. Interior Design showcases the most significant products of the year with a goal of setting the bar higher for the future. Take the T-Light - not only does it use LED technology, but it also utilizes both up and down light, wired on different circuits, for three light outputs.

To be in business for a long as we have (est. 1921) and consistently be among the top high end lighting brands for both residential and commercial spheres is no small feat. People don't realize that we are a small company of less than 50, which includes our manufacturing studio in Colorado Springs. So, in order to gain and keep the attention of designers and architects, we must be constantly evolving with our designs, technology and performance - especially given the competition with larger retailers. We design differently, engineer thoughtfully, and manufacture meticulously, and I believe these two accolades praise our company in exactly the best way.