We asked "Why Boyd" to Handel Architects

Richard Felix-Ashman, Director of Interiors for Handel Architects based in San Francisco

Richard Felix-Ashman, Director of Interiors for Handel Architects based in San Francisco

With large-scale, multi-unit residential projects and smaller-scale hospitality projects, Handel Architect's emphasis on quality of design and fabrication draws them repeatedly to Boyd Lighting. Read why they choose Boyd for both residential and hospitality projects. 

Under the design leadership of Director of Interiors, Richard Felix-Ashman, Handel Architects of San Francisco explores all dimensions of the residential and hospitality experience. Boyd's Communication & Brand Manager, Jen Helfrich, asked Feliz-Ashman six questions about craft, quality and why he chooses Boyd.

BL: Handel Architects is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm with more than 150 architects, interior designers, planners, and support staff. You believe that large-scale, mixed-use buildings can enrich the urban experience and be drivers of economic development. What do you look for when choosing lighting for the various spaces that make up a mixed-use building?

RFA: Our first consideration is quality. We seek pieces that are beautifully made and have a sense of craft. It is so important to support fabricators and artists that value material quality and detailed design: we feel it’s our remit as designers to provide this support. We also search for pieces which support the design story and experience. Whether residential, hospitality, or commercial, the story is the foundation for the final experience, and each piece needs to support that vision.

BL: Are there differences or similarities between the lighting used in each type of space?

RFA: We approach each project with fresh eyes, and don’t categorize our projects too much. Hospitality however, due to the programmatic quality has a different feel to commercial in terms of materiality, mood, and layering of lighting. There is so much crossover now between the different design vernaculars.

Millennium Tower Boston

BL: Millennium Tower Boston is the tallest residential building in Boston with 424 condominiums, 18 penthouse units, over 200,000 sq. ft. on 4 floors of retail space, and a new urban pedestrian plaza. The firm promotes density as an urban growth strategy and design as a key component to improve the quality of city life. Why did you choose the Abacus Table Lamp (designed by Boyd's Director of Design, Doyle Crosby) for the Millennium Tower Boston lounge?

RFA: For Millennium, we developed a story line based around the 1968 film “The Thomas Crown Affair,” starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Set in Boston, the interiors have a richness and mood that is evocative of an era of style and chic that we wanted to re-imagine for the 21st century. The Abacus Table Lamp captures that era and could fit seamlessly into any interior shown in that film. It just seemed perfect.

2712 Broadway

BL: 2712 Broadway is located on the Gold Coast of San Francisco, AKA Billionaire Row. It recently sold for a record $40 million, making it the single most expensive home ever sold in San Francisco. Under your supervision and together with exterior architect Taylor Lombardo Architects, Handel Interiors created a state-of-the-art home with spaces that are timeless, warm and transitional. Why did you choose the Icicle Drop Sconce (designed by fellow architect, Tom Nahabedian of Bureau A|D) for the master bathroom?

RFA: The Icicle sconce is such a unique design, and I felt that it’s architectural form was very striking viewed in perspective and in elevation. The bathroom is long and narrow, and each vanity mirror called for pairs of sconces that were slender, delicate, yet architecturally strong.

BL: Why are you a repeat Boyd Lighting customer?

RFA: It really starts with quality of design and fabrication. These are always key drivers for me. I also love the regional story of Boyd. Many of our projects are in California, so it’s important to support regional business. It’s something clients feel strongly about also.

BL: What’s coming up next for Handel Architects?

RFA: We are a design firm that explores all dimensions of the residential and hospitality experience. We have large-scale multi-unit residential projects and smaller scale projects across the country. 

You can keep up with Handel Architects by visiting their NEWS page, as well as following them on social media. Keep your eyes open for a memorial for the victims of the mass shooting at the Emanuel AME Church which will be designed by Partner Michael Arad. He is best known for designing the National September 11 Memorial in New York City.