Trends from NYCxDesign and ICFF 2017

New York City's showcase of design has ended, and we're highlighting four lighting trends.

May 2017 marked the fifth anniversary of NYCxDesign, a three-week-long citywide celebration of design to cheer established and emerging design practices and increase awareness of and appreciation for design by all audiences. Taking place during NYCxDesign was the 30th annual ICFF NYC, a premier showcase for contemporary design which aims to map out what’s best and what’s next. See how Boyd's lighting designers and engineers are embracing the following four design trends, seen in everything from textiles to furniture.    

Light as a Concept

Light fixtures are more creative than ever, and lighting designers are paying close attention to light as a color, light as art, light as a sculpture, the materials from which light is omitted, and light's luminescence. Top notch LED technology, beautiful color temperatures, installation consideration, and artistic designs allow Boyd's designers and engineers to produce fixtures that are more ground breaking than ever before. 

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Hollywood Glamour

Sparkle and glitz are two key elements to Hollywood glamour, and everything from furniture to lighting is getting the A-list treatment. Luxe finishes, elaborate details, flawless construction, and regal design are the ways that Boyd executes this beautiful, bold style. 

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Around and Around

Improvements in LED technology have opened up new lighting design possibilities, and one trend we are seeing everywhere is circular lighting. Many companies make circular fixtures; Boyd's new Hoopla Pendant hangs like an illuminated, architectural lasso. In multiples, the Hoopla becomes an architectural element in the space.



Difficult to define because what is modern (aka "of the times") is always changing, but in general we are seeing simple, often geometric forms without a lot of adornment, like these fixtures.


Designing Women

Powerful, yet peaceful is how Surface Magazine describes the vibe of today's new wave of female designers. In conjunction with NYCxDesign, a group show called "Designing Women" was hosted to highlight the work of contemporary, female designers and support the equality and empowerment of women worldwide. We fully support this effort, and are proud of our female designers: Barbara Barry, Alicia Garcia-Romero, Deirdre Jordan, Laura Kirar, Fiyel Levent, Christine Rouviere, Windsor Smith, and Sherry Williamson.

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