What Does It Mean to Be Hand Crafted?

Boyd Lighting is not in the business of simply producing lighting to sell to customers. Instead, we manufacture beautiful light fixtures that require the skill and talent of artisans, and that results in superior quality that lasts a lifetime. 

At Boyd Lighting’s factory in Colorado, our craftspeople have made it their life’s work to flawlessly weld a metal frame, patiently string hundreds of Swarovski crystals or diligently polish canopies and finials. 


Attending to the Details

Artists in their own right, they are experts at their craft. And because it is their craft, they are compelled to make it flawless. With the utmost attention to detail, Boyd Lighting's talented men and women produce light fixtures with the highest of quality. This is what it means to be hand crafted.


Why Hand Crafted?

“In our hearts, what we really want are products that are artisanally crafted by real people, experts making a living at their talents,” says Art Director, Rhan Small. This investment in artisanal craftsmanship results in fixtures with flawless joinery, an impeccable finish and sturdy construction. When a space demands luxury and longevity, Boyd Lighting stands out among a crowded marketplace.