Hot Sales Warm up the June Gloom

In June, a melancholic restlessness settles in when the sweet warmth of spring has been briskly blown away by our good friend, “Carl the Fog.” Hello, June gloom.

These are the days when the Golden Gate Bridge and the narrow channel below it are stuck under a blanket of nippy fog that whips up – yes, up! – over the parched hills of the Marin Headlands, and down into Sausalito where the Boyd Lighting corporate offices are located.

We are slowly pulling ourselves out of “June Gloom” here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and hot sales warm the cockles of our hearts so, we happily say goodbye to June with a look back at 8 of the month’s most shopped products (in no particular order).

Icicle Ellipse  by Tom Nahabedian

Icicle Ellipse by Tom Nahabedian

Globe Pendant  by Doyle Crosby

Globe Pendant by Doyle Crosby

Grasse Sconce  by Jamie Drake

Grasse Sconce by Jamie Drake

Halfpipe Sconce  by Michael Wolk

Halfpipe Sconce by Michael Wolk

Miami Sconce  by Alejandro Vargas

Miami Sconce by Alejandro Vargas

Tonic Sconce  by David Nosanchuk

Tonic Sconce by David Nosanchuk

Proteus Pendant  by Doyle Crosby

Proteus Pendant by Doyle Crosby

Icicle Wand Sconce  by Tom Nahabedian

Icicle Wand Sconce by Tom Nahabedian