2016 Most Outstanding Restaurant Selects Boyd Lighting

Imagine a dining experience where the cuisine combines food and art, where the food sparkles and crumbles and tumbles and smokes, and you'd have Chicago’s Alinea.

According to the James Beard Foundation, Alinea is 2016’s most outstanding restaurant in the county. What would a restaurant like this feel like, sound like and look like? What type of lighting would it have?

A few hot summers ago, architect Tom Nahabedian cooked up something cool in Chicago. The Icicle Series for Boyd Lighting features three ceiling flush mounts and two sconces, and was an instant hit with its glowing crystalline “icicles” illuminated by LED. The following year, in 2015, the Icicle Wand Sconcewas honored as a finalist for Interior Design's Best of Year Awards. With its curved backplate showcasing two icicles - one pointing up and one pointing down - and a contemporary, architectural vibe, the Icicle Wand was perfect for lighting, say, the most outstanding restaurant in the country.

Located not far from Nahabedian in his hometown, Alinea recently underwent an interior design transformation, and it too was cooking up something cool. "Much more than a refresh, Alinea underwent a full-fledged facelift,” said Matt Kirouac for Zagat. “The whole space is brand-new, designed to fuse classic architectural influences with contemporary accents. It feels altogether softer, elegant and warmer." In a series of dining spaces hung with large artwork, wired with a five-zone sound system and staged with minimal furnishings, are 14 architectural and modern light fixtures; the Chicago-born Icicle Wand Sconce has found a home in the most outstanding restaurant in the country. Congratulations to Tom Stringer Design Partners on the restaurant's interior design.

It’s no surprise Nahabedian and his Icicle Wand were paired with Alinea. Just last year, Nahabedian received the 2015 James Beard Foundation Outstanding Restaurant Design Award for another Chicago restaurant, Brindille. Clearly he knows restaurants. We can’t wait to see what else he cooks up.