Lit from Within: Rethinking how designers use lighting

We all know the familiar track lighting, recessed ceiling lights and LED strips tucked into crevasses. These methods of lighting a space are minimalist and certainly get the job done. But what do you select when you want lighting that adds a touch of subtle beauty and an air of mystery?

The LED  Sunbeam Sconce  and  Portal Sconce  are lit from within.

The LED Sunbeam Sconce and Portal Sconce are lit from within.

Light without Fixtures

Inspired by requests from architects and lighting designers for “non-fixture fixtures” that won’t clutter spare spaces or compete with restrained interiors, Doyle Crosby and a team of in-house designers have developed fixtures that fit the bill. Lit from within, these customizable, recessed-mounted, LED sconces are special enough to be art. New for Fall/Winter 2016, the in-wall Portal and Sunbeam Sconces will change the way designers use lighting.

The Portal Sconce

Imagine a row of shallow, concave bowls within the wall behind a reception desk, each one glowing gently with warm LED light that bounces off the rich, gold leaf interior. The wall is the perfect shade of dove gray and the Portal Sconces melt away seamlessly, their primed aluminum frame painted to match the wall. In the daylight, the illuminated white gold bowls are subtle but with nightfall, the sconces glow like a portal to another world. Available in two diameters, three leaf finishes and either a primed or blackened brass outer ring, the Portal Sconce is the perfect art installation.

The Sunbeam Sconce

Lining a corridor and marking doorways is where the Sunbeam Sconce shines. Like the Portal, the linear, narrow channel of the Sunbeam has a leafed interior (also available in white gold or yellow gold paint) and a paintable rim to match any wall color. The result is a beam of gold light that seems to radiate from thin air; light without a fixture.

We set out to develop fixtures that architects will love and we are thrilled with the results.
— Jay Sweet, Boyd CEO and President

The Portal and Sunbeam join the Hoopla Pendant and T-Light Pendant in Boyd Lighting’s new Architectural Series. See the full collection here